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Saturday, January 15 15th day - 351 days follow

Aug 9 - 43 - Interviewed by Colonel Brock of the Finance Dept - By my civilian classification I should get a good deal - I sincerely hope the city of Palermo is my spot -

My fingers are crossed - address - Hdq - 7th Army - Hdqs Co - A.P.O. 758 - c/o Postmaster - New York -

Last night went swimming at Mondello Beach on the Mediterrian [Mediterranean] Sea - The A. R. C. has taken over the most beautiful beach I've ever seen - Funny incident - my first swim in years and in the most remote places I ever thought of -

Aug 10th Expecting a large scale raid for two nights - and oil and ammo dump about a mile away. Things don't look too promising for a long life - If one of the Jerrys bomb fall short - so long Kid -

4. PM we heard the warning shots and in nothing flat I had me all covered up in a fox hole If I ever love a woman like I love those sandbags I should be a model lover or husband -

Military law still existing in Palermo - Going out armed with gun and steel helmet, amid the scared look of the beaten people I feel like a conqueror of some kind -