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Friday, January 21 21st day - 345 days follow Stonewall Jackson--Born 1824

war we're fighting- Fire what a death! - The score - five planes, two shot down over the city - Report later - five ships brought down -

The German must be getting desparate - because Palermo is strictly the set-up for the big push - and five planes come over to bomb it.

Aug 25 - Another alert - they were over, but couldn't get close - An hour's sleep lost -

The climate certainly beats the hell out of me It seems I never get enough sleep - a bad sign - I think I have this maleria, my head is on fire - I can't move my legs without effort - My stomach and groin are upset - I got chills - I must be sick --

Aug 26 - Sept 1- 59th Evacuation Hospital. Reason - Fever - 104 on the bottom. My lungs are about to blow up - Wake up two days later with a nurse holding my head, rubbing me with alcohol - She told me what happened - When I went to bed, she gave me these sulphur pills and it knocked me out. I had sweated two blankets wet and I am now supposed to be O.K. - Left this morning after pleading with her to let