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Saturday, January 22 22nd day - 344 days follow

me go - She did so now I' happy --

Sept 2- My birthday - 28 years old - I hope I will celebrate the next one as a free civilian in good old U.S.A. -

Met Stan Norton - three years in the Army and a first lt - (Quartermasters Corp) - This again is one hell of a small world -

Sept 3 - There have been strange doings lately - An Italian plane landed here to-day - All anti-air craft guns were unloaded for six hours. Some high notables from Italy were here - I think Italy is evidently getting out from under the Nazi yoke -

British and Canadian troops invaded Italy through the Straits of Messina - My guess is a surrender soon! -

Sept 6th - Labor day - so I guess summer is over. We are warned about the rainy season and its effects on the individual - The sample rain storm last Sunday would drown anyone in an hour's time - I never saw it rain that hard back in the States.