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Sunday, January 23 23rd day - 343 days follow Third Sunday after Epiphany

The army hung four negros for wileful raping of an Italian woman. I wonder why they ever decided on such a venture, when for 50 lires anybody can have any woman here he wants --

The hell before the big storm is rapidly approaching - General Patton was here yesterday also Clarke. I have an idea we are to invade Italy with the 5th Army. That Army hasn't been tried - it is going to be rough -

Sept 7- Heard a news flash from U. S. They seem to be quite optimistic about the invasion of the mainland of Italy - (2) A good labor day holiday - Roosevelt gestapo (O.P.A.) has lifted the ban on pleasure driving -- (3) Woody Herman's "Woodpeckers Ball" plus I dont get around much anymore," really sounded terrific --

Sept 8 - British and Canadian gained on the Italian mainland - Russia is on the move in the Ukrane [Ukraine]

There is a move on someplace - The boys are getting started with the rumors. Where to