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Monday, January 24 24th day - 342 days follow

England, India, Ireland, - Some say a split up of headquarters 7th Army - One half to Ireland, the other half to England - relief for the troops in Iceland - After all no one knows but we are due to move -

No air-raids for two weeks perhaps the big boy is pulling in his horns -

26th Finance according to rumor, is no longer attached to 7th Army -

Sept 24 - 1943 - supposedly the moving day for us - I found out the name of the mountain overlooking Palermo - The Peligrino Mountain - Typherian [Tyrrhenian] Sea starts above Palermo --


Sept 9 - Italy surrendered unconditionally according to a B. B. C. report - The war in Italy was supposed to be over although the 45th division according to rumor were catching heil upon landing at Salerno -

The people in Palermo absolutely went beserk The firing of flares and rockets - Every G.I soldier treated as a general. All the women hugging and kissing the boys

I cant understand how a defeat of a nation could be so jubliant [jubilant] when their country is torn to pieces