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Tuesday, January 25 25th day - 341 days follow

The Italians are happy the war is over for them. Wine is flowing freely and also the women's virture. The G I's incidently [incidentally] are taking fullest advantage of this situation -

The Italian paper has the running account of the surrender, very interesting and very good for us -

Sept 10 - 43 -

The Americans and British had a dry run on invasion tactics, three miles from the coast of France. No resistance was met. The flotila consisted of 300 ships. This report is according to B. B. C. report. It looks good but the Germans may be playing possum.

The 5th Army is having a hell of a time on the Italian coast with the Germans - 34th and 36th 45th reserve all National Guard outfits. This may take a little time to eliminate but it wont be long

Sept 12 - 43 - Italian Navy steamed into the harbor of Malta - This victory of elimination of that fleet, in-active as it was in actual battle, it seem important.

Rommel is again in this picture (Italy) He is a tough nut to crack -

Received a birthday card from Dorothy and it was a very welcomed note.

Spent the afternoon at the beach. It is really