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Wednesday, January 26 26th day - 340 days follow

a beautiful place - This army to date isnt too bad. This spot in pre-war days must have been an expensive set up -

I saw Al Jolson and he is really getting very old looking. He deserves a lot of credit for coming over here - This place sometimes is the step to eternity -

My cold is much better - I suppose that afternoon in the sun did the trick. -

Sept -13- Rumored we may go back to North Africa and sit around to be placed in a staging area for some future operation.

The combat units have transferred to the 5th Army. Patton with no army and he in the business of war.. So, they may be re-organizing for the push into France.

Sept 14- Our nightly bull sessions are really getting good. It gets dark about 7.30 P.M and under a perfect Mediterrian [Mediterranean] moon, and the stars - What a setting for something or other -

The boys discuss anything not pertaining to the army - Our big topic of interest last night was birth - control - After listening to a snow job, about the subject from an ignorant Southerner I had to open up - I did and the subject ceased -