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Thursday, January 27 27th day - 339 days follow

Sept- 15 - 43- News from Italy not good - The 5th Army is in a bad way - The surrender of Italy gained us nothing but novel strength -

The 5th Army is new to battle. The 36th and 34th N. G divisions are making the assault - 45th in reserve. The next 72 hours, after a set counter attack by the Germans expected - They should hold until they can land the tanks and artillery.

Sept-18- Received a letter from Jake Miller (Sgt) located in Dayton Field Ohio - Glad to hear of my boys advancement - What a deal (ratings) we are getting "(est la guerre") -

Been sick again and about rallying out of the [G. I ?]s - Will I ever be glad to leave this humid climate It practically beats the hell out of me, whenever I go out in the sun. I was told that malaria season ends Oct 31st - So I am keeping my fingers crossed -

Sept 19- 5th Army going to town - forming a wedge and setting the supermen back on their heels. The first losses of the 5th Army was due to the smallness of the harbor and the difficulty of landing tanks.