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Friday, January 28 28th day - 338 days follow

With tanks, and tank destroying outfits on the move, we should be really on the way into the good roads in Italy.

Sept 20 - 43- Assigned to a permanent Finance Section II Corp Headquarters Finance Section A.P.O. 302 - Postmaster New York - A real good break - a definite spot at last - This outfit has been overseas since June 1942 - by all logic should be first to go home -

The cadre is really a fine bunch of boys and very friendly - officers seem fair -

This out-door life is really rugged - I stole an army cot and under a canvas fly I got a good deal.

The Finance office is a large wall tent - It is as I said before roughing it - I have never slept better and I think I am going to healthy in spite of myself. My cold and sluggishness is gone since that soft-living at Palermo -

The town is called Termini about 45 miles from Palermo -

The corp is situated between two mountains. The scenic view of the Mediterrian [Mediterranean] from here is beautiful. The air is very cool at night and I sleep very well -

Still have the cot I stole in Palermo, the second lt. who is without it must have a broken back by now.