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Saturday, January 29 29th day - 227 days follow William McKinley--Born 1843

Rumored the corp is to join General Bradley, who left a week ago for England - I certainly hope so, although the danger involved would be the invasion of France. I'd like to be in on it, but with an army hdqs not a corp set-up-

Sept 27 - 43 - 6 hour alert - The rumors are really floating everyplace on earth - our destination - I still hope for the outside chance - it being England.

I went to Mass and we have a Catholic general General Keyes - A very military and religious service -

The feminine situation of nurses hasn't too much to offer - One in particular - a beautiful doll and a good girl - It is remarkable because most of them over here are known as whores for the officers - (army aristocracy)

Sept 29 - A letter from Marion - good reading - We had a rain storm and it has become very cool & nice Russia on the move - 8th Army moving at last - Also 5th Army I hope on this Italian invasion we are not bottlenecked in those mountains -

Sept-30- War news good - Jewish holiday and the choosen ones are not working to-day - There is peace at least for one day - The alert is off and no rumors -