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Sunday, January 30 30th day - 336 days follow Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

Sept 30 - The officers (corp) gave a dinner and smoker to the Hdq - E.M. - They (in person) served the meal to us. The show consisted of a Negro band, entertainment, and some dancing girls - I might add - Minsky's has a world wide influence - much Vino -

It was a nice gesture on the part of the aristrocacy [aristocracy] - They showed the right spirit - Partly I think because looking at all the college men in the enlisted ranks, who should be wearing the bars - they figured it was due us. - I still say those officers from the line outfits are really what an Army is, at it's best.

Oct 1 - Naples has fallen to the 5th Army - The population acclaimed the troops upon entering the city.

The Royal palace is reported destroyed by the retreating Germans - These cities as far as military purposes are concerned have to be destroyed, due to the fact, the Germans set up their command posts in the cities -

In about two weeks I think we are about to move in Naples as a finance office ready for funding business

Oct 2 - 43 - Heard a Gilbert and Sullivan concert and it was grand It being Saturday night it seemed like an evening spent in my favorite chair at J. R's I'm again dreaming but only for a moment - This rain and mud is the getting back to reality.

Oct 3 - 43 - I went on the range - I finally fired that