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Saturday, February 19 50th day - 316 days follow

Nov-27-28 A big raid again over Naples - very cloudy poor visibility- They hit in four different spots - First the flares over Caserte [Caserta] then Naples, and west to Capri - no bombs were dropped near us.

A report came to us ( G2 - 5th Army) paratroopers dropped, immediately the guard was doubled - I stood from 10 P M to 2 A.M - My M 1 rifles was stripped for action (bayonet)

It was quite eerie out there. Personally I dont mind the detail but when you look around and see these regular army bastards shirking the duty sending boys like Finance men to defend the sector of the road. These sons of bitches have sat on their asses for years, know this infantry routine but afraid to face gunfire when it is only rumored. -

At the chow line the report came through 3rd division rear eshlon [echelon] rounded up most of them - I might get to sleep to night-

The French are still moving up - 6 days now - In about 10 days the push should be ready.-

Nov 29 -44 Rumored from ticker tape - Germany is sueing for peace - I asked the old man and he only smiled - No denial - Rummel [Rommel] is now in full charge of the Army - trouble ahead - 8th Army closing in on Vertona, Russia really moving now - near the Prippet Marshes -

Thyphod [Typhoid] Shot (11-27-43) Naples- No air raid last night - A good sign to a let up -

Nov 30 -43- Another Rumor - Some Nazi officials were captured