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Saturday, March 4 64th day - 302 days follow Africa. Definitely a staging area for an invasion- I heard a report from the States- the war is to be over by April- Hope so! 7th Army rumored in England- my old outfit seems to be getting all the good breaks. The old man Chaplain (col) [Chetanien?] is leaving us for D.S. with the fifth Army-He certainly made mass a pleasure to attend on Sundays. He is in my opinion about the greatest man I've ever met. Personal danger means nothing to him. Any day this figure can be seen on the front lines armed with a cane and his cherished smile. Everybody loves the old man even our enemies. His staff: one day Bob Gaskell the protestant sexton told me "If God is like him, heaven must be a wonderful place to meet him." I understand he is to be a birg order General

Jan 22 - 6th Corp elements of 5th Army invade a [beachhead?] war near Rome - 22 miles to be exact - near the Tiber river This dove tails with all the past rumors - The noise was terriffic practically shaking the very earth - A-25 Bombers plentiful but a few came back a blasted motors.

Jan 23 - Casualities light (G2 report) One company of Germans surrendered - their C. O. checking them off as they come