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Tuesday, March 7 67th day - 299 days follow

observation post by the Germans so before long destroying it will be necessary -

Jan 30 - 403 A.A. outfit got a fast call - left Naples to back up the invasion at Anzio. The 85th & 86th infantry divisions came in from Africa making a total of 6 to withstand any counter attack by the Germans -

Feb 1 - 44 - To-day I am a non com appointed corporal by company order no 12 - Read a copy of newsweek dated April 12 - 43 The II Corp received quite a plug, claiming the 1st. 3rd, 9th, 34th, the I armored were the important factors in the defeat of Germany in North Africa. Received two campaign bronze stars for the invasion of Sicily and Italy - I now am in a position to snow somebody when I get back to the States -

Feb 2 - Cassino was the order of the day - take it at all costs - We are moving forward, tanks are used for the close up fighting - We are outflanking the city - However we are not shelling the city and we I think we'll get bounced back on our respective asses. The invasion at Anzio is nearing Aprilia. I hope we can strike fast before the Germans slap a few divisions to block is off on the checkerboard -