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Sunday, March 12 72nd day - 294 days follow Third Sunday in Lent

Feb 21- a friend of mine (Signal Corp) told me Cassino is another Stalingrad to conquer. It is impossible to hit it with a frontal attack which are Clarke's orders. This campaign is definitely a failure all way round - The British have everybody, Australians, Ayzees [Azeris], Indians, Polish fighting but themselves. If those black boys can't carve their way through - no one can - I think by this campaign's failure we have lost a lot of prestige as an Army -

Feb 24 - Co-order 34 - Paragraph 10 - I have been assigned in grade to the 30th Finance Disbursing Section - APO 534 NA.T.O U.S.A - A good deal if I may say so. I wont get much of any more ratings but I'm at least set for the duration - Leaving Worden and Conklin are about the best break anyone can get - Jack Steinbrock my old Jewish buddy is also going with me - I have at least a good boy with me - All eshlons [echelons], forward, supply and rear are to-gether in a town called Rabis Canine in back of the British 8th Army lines - General Keyes is here so I expect we are going in on a beach head some place. The stream lining of Corp is to take place here and we will be ready for the take off -