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Tuesday, March 14 74th day - 292 days follow

sweating out an assignment - for 9 months - now he is disgusted and has put in his application for retirement -

Mar 4 - The 3rd division, one of our best are holding forth on the beach- head. They seem to be getting a good share of publicity - Their fame was evident in africa. A big party for the E.M. last night - a good orchestra gave out with the music - The picture "This is the Army," a splendid picture I really enjoyed it. Another move scheduled for the 7th - Had 3 bottles of coca cola - good - my first bottle since the States - trés bon -

Mar 5 - I talked to the Chaplain Father Kenny - a New York boy - He gave several retreats at Manhattan college a fine man - He has been after me to form some kind of am organization so I had better accept and get on the ball. What a G.D, mix up - I am with crop Finance assigned to 30th Finance - I am working at Corp, appearing as a loss to the organization, a gain to the 30th - Cassino is still isn't taken - The British are now knocking themselves out - A word of interest - The last town Aquino, birth place of St Thomas - He went to the abbey to become a prist [priest]