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Thursday, March 16 76th day - 290 days follow

March - 9 - 44 - Move on for a point past Caserta - move called off - Another example of Army inefficency [inefficiency] - How long can we take it -

March - 10 - I drove the carry-all with the major - to the opera - It was the opera "La Traviata" given by the San Carlos opera Company. For the first time I am begining [beginning] to enjoy a little culture for a change while in the Army. The play was excellent, beautifully protrayed [portrayed] and The music trés bonne. The drive forward was beautiful and the moonlight was perfect for driving - Too bad I didnt [didn't] have nurse with me instead of the major for companionship -

March 11 - Moved back 50 miles to a town about 15 miles south of Caserta called St Agatha de'Goti [Sant'Agata de' Goti] - The major passed a hint that we were going back to re-inforce the British 10th corp - 36th Division moved to-day and it is rumored we are to move again -

Mar -13- Last night a hurricane came up, blow the tent down and it was plenty rough - The storage tent was torn to shreds. What a night - We have a new one to-day which is a break as far as this Army is for the enlisted man