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Friday, March 17 77th day - 289 days follow St. Patrick's Day

Received a letter from George Gibson, who is Foggia Italy - I'll be going down that way the 30th - So I will look him up.

Mar - 14 - The break up corp came, The boys left for P.BS and replacement pools - The later [latter] place is plenty rough with the constant need of infantry replacements. It look like a funeral taking place to see the boys go - called it being sentimental but I had a lump in my throat - I can't explain it but it's something further than mere friendship to see them take off- A lot of these boys have seen action, and what it is that develops beyond friendship I am at a loss to explain - Perry is going home after 26 months and with the colonel's O.K for a Finance spot back in the States. I lived with that kid and disregarding self-pity and the bad deal his woman gave him I did feel sorry for him - The change will do him good. The old man is a square shooter for a West point man - How long will it be before he wises up to Worden and Couplin - A radical change I suspect when he catches on -

Mar - 15 - A heavy bombing of Cassino by the Air force. The artillery and infantry is on the move to mop up. I hope we get by it this time - I then expect the all out hit from England to Belgium and from Africa to South France and perhaps the Balkins [Balkans] -