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Thursday, March 23 83rd day - 283 days follow

wasn't ours - We have with us for this push to Rome, along Route 7, connecting the Anzio beachhead the 85th 88" 36th. divisions (infantry) - I saw the map of what we have against us and it isnt too encouraging for a fast break through -

The German broadcast now claim. they are giving the boys furloughs back to Rome, who are fighting against us - Personally I hope Keyes can pull a fast one on them. The name of this city is Piedimonte [Mio*osi] [Matese?] - I now have a new hang out these evenings - The map room of the Corp - I will now have to review what those markings on maps mean - Our position at this point looks good and if we can break this hump - here - We could have them on the [illegible] - The Russians haven't met any good oppositions yet but on that part of German Poland I think it will be plenty rough - The Germans now have there a formidable bastion of defense - I think that is why Joe Stalin is stressing the speed up of the second front -

Apr - 4 - news from the front good - I went to Sparanissi [Sparanise] to day and picked up the heavy money - The major ate my ass out for not wearing a steel helmet - again - The traffic is an indication for some heavy constructing work - so perhaps we are ready - A beautiful invasion moon shines to night - Romantic also!