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Tuesday, April 11 102nd day - 264 days follow The Colonel in brief says- (1) Devers is no good, having sold out to the British - air power 85% American boys - 15% British (2) - the bombing of Cassino by our boys getting the lead, The British sent in two regiments to take it when two divisions were necessary. (3) Roosevelt has got to be defeated or there will be such a wholesale slaughter of American boys because Churchill has the boy (F.D.R.) in the palm of his hand- (4) Wilson is running this show and it has been fucked up since he has taken over. Our dead has amount to a very dangerous rate- (5) Where we stand here is rough, all we got in front of us is a division (88th) and it hasn't been in combat before. I hope the Germans dont attack. if so, my post war plans wont be necessary. .6. Invasion not ready, as yet. next fall, perhaps I hope we don't go off half cocked- 7- I hope the old man is wrong although I am