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Wednesday, April 12 103rd day - 263 days follow inclined to agree with him- Roosevelt has got to be defeated or America is doomed forever. Another war in 25 years will have this nation threadbare of manpower. I hope Dewey gets in and we leave those bastards to fight their own battle and we get at those yellow sons of a bitches.

May 6- That error at Venafro was British (killing 600 people G.I.s) The bastards should have been court marshalled but instead of being decorated - God help us if it were Enlisted men.

Went swimming down at Mondeagana [Montagnana]. The beach is very nice - I got case of sunburn over my ass and it is very painful -

Read May 1st copy of Time - It claims we are ready from England. Last night the British sent up some heavy artillery into Cassino for about one hour. I guess they figure at least it showed they are in the fight. Tea time no doubt at Eleven P.M. The barrage was laid down at about 10. PM.

Met a boy named Harold (1st Lt. S.C) from Manhattan.