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Friday, April 14 105th day - 261 days follow Lincoln Assassinated 1865 Passover (7th Day)

My brother John's Birthday - It was very quiet here last night, a little artillery duel every hour or so - I guess everything is ready but frankly it all hinges on the invasion from England -

May 9 - Saw Tom Grogan a classmate of mine, Capt. Chemical Warfare - Expect him over here any day- Went to Naples to-day with the Captain and [Dicue?] both took off and after imbibing a few glass of vermouth we hit a classical trend - So we took in Verdi's Aida -

It was definitely a pageant of beauty - The scenery and costumes were positively beautiful - The music and characterizations excellently performed - [Honestly?] I begining to really enjoy them - I have heard four sun by the San Carlos Company but I must see and hear a dozen more before I'll have any enjoyable conception of the stories.

Coming home we saw a French division (mostly Arabs - French non-coms) driving to the Front. My memories of North Africa came back when I saw the Arabs doing their war chant in a primitive manner - They were armed with sub Thompsons and M1 (much artillery)