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Sunday, April 23 114th day - 252 days follow Second Sunday after Easter

The Gustave line is finally deserted and surpassed. Also The hinge of the Hitler line coming up at the Goans and they will get by -

May - 19 - The war has gone so far beyond us that we are definitely rear eshlons [eshelon] - The G's took off this morning -

The Hitler line has been dented in several places. We now have Formia - all of Gaeta, and Itri - These points all overshaddow route 7 and when captured them to-day we now control that highway.

26 miles from Anzio I bet old Mazur is cheering. Rome in another month -

May 20 - The Goans are definitely the characters of this war - They capture no enemy only carve them up. A bounty is paid them (40 francs per ear) - Their necklaces of ears are numerous - 3500 prisoners to date

The radio reports from the States is good and we are getting the publicity.

Good rumor, II Crop releaved by 4th Corp. We go to Sardinia and take off with the 7th Army. This personally I dont like - I'm satisfied here to sweat out the invasion from England