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Monday, April 24 115th day - 251 days follow

May 21 - The war has gone completely passed us - The Germans got a rough going over - They can't get set so the bastards are tasting this pill called defeat - The prisoners are numerous all veterans of Stalingrad sent to this front for a rest - They speak of a German defeat and were quite surprised we moved in so fast.

4th Corp advanced elements moved in-to-day - The boys are overseas two months - They call us old veterans of successful planning of offensives. They asked so many question of what to expect, it seem pitiful to give them a snow job.

Looks like another invasion for us, although I doubt it - I am of the opinion this Corp was commanded by General Patch in the States - He now being C G of the 7th Army in Corsica - He'll pull them with him.

We (II Corp) run this show to the Leghorn line passed Rome and knock off - Giving us five campaign stars here - The Pacific next, I'm afraid that is our fate -

Still working like hell. The Major hinted I was to go in the accounting section - That I don't like - However this is the Army -