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Sunday, April 30 121st day - 245 days follow Third Sunday after Easter

May 30 - Three air raids last night - and it wasnt too bad - We got up three times and hit the foxhole once -

What a surprise! beau fighters came in and scattered the formation, one plane was dropped. The action was mostly over the Anzio-Nettuno beachead. Artillery is still whistling over our heads - All the infantry boys are going on the lines last night - Quite remarkable how those drivers can go so fast in blackout.

About 300 yards from the bivouac is much damaged German tanks - We look at all of this debris at a safe distance - There was a human arm of a dead Tedeski [Tedeschi] by the side of the road - not very pretty a sight -

May 31 - At 10.30 AM - the German sent over whistling flares - My heart beat about 5 times its normal pulsation - If this routine keeps up - all of us will be a bunch of nervious [nervous] wrecks. We hit the ground and before it exploded, those seconds waiting seemed like long hours -

The report is in that Valetri [Velletri] is surrounded and cut off - A few reports of 240s went off near us and I actually jumped off my cot, hauled for my foxhole - An air raid last night but I was too drunk to get up. Steinbrock pulled me out, but it all passed overhead near Cisternia -- Reports - Frosinone captured