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Tuesday, May 9 130th day - 236 days follow

inspired and one could hear a pin drop while he addressed us in his private chambers- The Swiss guards in their extravaganza of medieval dress stood at attention as the aging but spry Pontiff passed by us- at about 10 feet distance. Following the audience we were shown the complete Vatican palace, which inclosed all the original sculptures and paintings by the masters of those arts. I can't describe it- Tis beyond words of description by men far more educated and learned than I. This trip took exactly four hours, all was carefully described by the American Cardinal. The Sistine Chapel (1473) architect Giovanni De Dalei for Sixtus IV- Paintings began in 1481. The chapel is so awe inspiring, with the works of M. Angelo, Raphael, that the average man seems so insignificant amid these expressions of art. (1) Museum- housing all sculptures (2) Tapestries of vivid designs Always remembered a saying of John Ryan, Italy is so far beyond the other nations in architecture, music that to compare would be an impossibility. After my visit Monsieur Ryan is a victim of understatement. I will definitely make a return trip, God willing in my later life.