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Wednesday, May 10 131st day- 235 days to follow Confederate Memorial Day (N. C. and S. C.)

June 10- Went to mass at St. Peter's to-day, also climbed to the top of the dome and spent hours in a huge downpour of rain viewing Rome and the palace gardens. Also went to the churches of: (a) St. Marie Maggiore (b) St. Marie Degli Angeli ( The Diocletians baths) (c) Church of Jesus (f) St. Philips (d) St. Andrews Church (e) St. Lawrence " At this church we (Garvey) saw quite a communistic display. It was the funeral of one of the labor leaders (14 en toto [in all] ) killed by the retreating Germans last Tuesday - Red banners (arm and sycile [sickle] ) and as the body was carried to the church the cherished fist salute was given by the mob outside the church - No comment by me is necessary - I dont want my blood pressure to rise beyond it's usual proportions.

Spent the rest of the day just resting - a perfect day for a boy who has a more deeper faith in truly the only religion in the world --