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Friday, May 26 147th day - 219 days follow

hitting Southern France.

Going to Rome tomorrow with the Major - He is going to get the nurse, his private shack job, for three days - I'll take a hotel room and also enjoy myself - The drive is about 200 miles.

July 13 - 15th Left for a three day visit to Rome with the Major I had a perfectly wonderful time -

I stayed at the Royal Hotel - It was a new experience for me - A hot bath (a tub) and cool linen sheets certainly placed me in high spirits - After dinner I went to the N.C O club, met several of my A. P. O. friends and got pleasantly drunk - The drinking session had two enjoyable English WREN.S, who were very good sports - I seemed to impress a chick for [from] Salisbury so I will check into it when Florence is captured - She is going there for duty.

My next day I had dinner with the Marchess [Marquess] and Marquis Colacicehin. The contact was given me by a friend here who wrote to her daughter now living in New Rochelle. She is an American married to a thinning out Roman Austocraty [Autocrat?] She was perfectly charming and a wonderful host - Later in the evening