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Saturday, May 27 148th day - 218 days follow

insisted I stay and meet another American women who had married an Italian - She was so lovely, a middle age woman who was so typical American that it did my heart well to hear her rave on, with American slang.

Her Husband is a banker, director of the Bank of Italy - He was very impressive in his manner of speech - He spoke of the American fool-heartness trying to aid a world that is not an American problem - Naturally I agreed Very much impressed by Col. Lindberg.

I must have impressed him because we talk politically for hours - He took my name and address, educational background - He, also said that when conditions became normal, he would consider me for a position here - I don't understand but I guess my answers to his eager banking questions must have told him I knew what I was talking about - It completely floors me at this point -

I had to promise him I would see him again when I come back to Rome. also before I leave for the States