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Monday, May 29 150th day - 216 days follow

18. A extensive athletic program has been the order by Corp. I guess the headquarters boys are getting soft so we have to get in shape - Personally I'm for it - It is hell of a lot easier than an hour each day trying to give us fundamental infantry drill -

A news flash has the fate of the Germans all changed from Roosevelt's former threats, We are now to liberate them from themselves. The net result in twenty years, Lt F. P. Little Jr. will be leading a platoon of infantry, over the same route his old man did the payrolls -

Personally there has to be a few changes as this thing or slogan were fighting to maintain, will utterly defeat us rather than the enemy -

Leghorn surrounded by a task force, and now occupied -

July 19 - The Major got a bronze start for his capable support of combat operation during the past campaign. His attention to duty beyond the call of duty affords him this great honor.

He came into the N. C. O meeting and told us the medal was forced upon him - He had to take it by the General - He thanked us because as he said it was us who won for him -

He asked me my opinion and I told him if it