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Wednesday May 31 152nd day - 214 days follow

July - 21- B.B.C broadcast claims Hitler got his hair singed and a few of his generals got the final answer to life - It looks rather strange because Britian has been going off half cocked every so often -

This looks good because if politics change the war could end- of course our boy Roosevelt is going to hang on as long as November to this boy Hitler - Right now this damned war over here is strictly a fight for the yid and his future and Christian boys are become [becoming] part of the soil here.

Pisa now outflanked so the Gothic line is looming up- Can't figure why we are to go on after Leghorn part is accomplished - It is only a few miles and fini Italy - Where then!

The invasion of Southern France is set up. About last few days of July or early August.

Went to Piambino to QM - for equip't and gasoline - Ready to move soon -

July 22- This revolt in Germany has many serious complications according to B.B.C. broadcasts - It seems the eternal trouble has started so this war may follow the same pattern of the last fiasco-