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Thursday, June 15 167th day - 199 days follow Pioneer's Day (Idaho)

Aug 17 - The beachhead has progressed to include 500 sq. miles of area and the opposition is still light - To me this all looks good. Geo Patten [Patton] got his perminent Major General so I guess the boys finally realized he is a good man -

On this front, artillery counter-battery fire - Heard small arms fire to-night. Florence has Germans on three sides so I guess that open city routine is another German trick -

Sent for a copy of Football Rules and also the questions --

The 88th Infantry Division is in for a 4 to 6 week garrison duty, no training in view - This push has been postponed indefinitely. I bet Stone and Mazure those intrepid financers are really hurting - drilling and Reville, retreat - I can picture the Little fat man now - all urinated off --

Aug 18 - Nothing new here. The German 7th Army is hauling ass rapidly. The beachhead is near the Naval base at Tourlin [Toulon], quite a surprise and good bag when captured - Corp is setting it out and all of us are urinated off at least until we move again

Russia is posed for the attack on Prussia --