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Saturday, June 17 169th day - 197 days follow Bunker Hill Day (Mass.)

The Limeys are moving (13 Corp) for Florence - We are about ready to go - Reports of fast moving of German troops from Italy so the Air Force will be called in on that kill -

Llyods [Lloyds] of London claiming Oct 30 - I agree -

Aug 24 - 26 - Went to the movies to-night and definitely got the hell scared out of me. A Tedeschi plane came over and dropped a few anti personnel bombs, on the road below us -

The plane came out of the dive about 100 feet over our heads - The speed he came in was so fast that if he opened up with machine gun fire it would be curtains -

The attack is opening up to-night, the artillery is blazing and it is going out, so our good and big guns are softening them up -

Germans bombed Paris last night - an opened city is only for the Germans, when we get there they bombed Paris like the pasting we took in Rome - That was evidently was another close call -

The Germans I think are using green pilots the example is when flares are dropped they ride in on the target beneath the place flare and our ack ack have