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Sunday, June 18 170th day - 196 days follow Sunday within Octave Father's Day

an easy target -

Aug 27 - Last night the road from Certaldo to the Corp [arc?] was straffed by a single plane.

This Tedeschi came over the road, shut off his motor and let the bullits go - This boy I know was one of the few remaining old timers - He was good and very tricky - He hit a gas dump and a British ammo yard - Did considerable damage -

The attack is again delayed for some unknown reason.

Aug 28. Moved to new area, on the outskirts of Florance - I think this park is beautiful, very good cover and much noise -

The news last night - The Americans crossed the Maine, captured Chateau Thierry and Soissons That man Patton, again, what a general!

Aug 29 - 31st - Been off from work so I did a little visiting to the nearby city - A church built in the third century totally wrecked by our so- called pin point bombing - It look [unusual?] to see a crucifix with body of Christ hanging on the walls of a church - I have pictures of this church - News very good - 30 miles from Belgium.