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Monday, June 19 171st day - 195 days follow

Sept 1 - To day is my birthday, a year older in body only, the old spirit is still with me.

The news looks good a fast break up in Germany. The report has it the Tedeschi are flooding the lands in Belgium and Holland. It seems the boys are getting close.

The Italian front has six American divisions on this front. The opposition are giving the British hell so we will be called on to hit the line hard -

A Jig outfit has come over with white field officers - I'd hate like hell to be running that outfit - One shell over head and no infantry to fight.

The niggers have a lot to gain, but as fighter no due, they are emotionally unbalanced.

Sept 2 - Americans in Belgium, Finland out of the war - British 8th smashed the soft touch on the Gothic line - Labor day parade in Florance and at this point I am losing my mind -

Those packages from Rome arrived home -

Sept 3 - France and Belgium are now in allied hands. This front on the Adriatic side the