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Tuesday, June 20 172nd day - 194 days follow West Virginia Day (W. Va.)

Gothic line has been broken by the Poles There are only a few batallions of Germans guarding the approaches to the defense, so with 6 division What is holding us up - Looks as if the big boy is going to toss in the white towel that is the only answer to me right now.

Sept 4 & 5th Today I received a clipping from Vic Dorm proclaiming my doings with this outfit. No kidding I ashamed of it - That sort of thing is not for me - I want out of this damned army as soon as possible -

Heard Gen'l Ditmar, the tank general (Tedeshi) [Tedeschi] speaking about the stand Germany is going to make on their own border. He spoke English beautifully and sounded rather sincere about his topic -

Personally, I'd like to see Patten [Patton] handed those bastards a good beating leaving their wake in Germany a few blasted cities like Itri, Tondi, Cisterina their fortifications in Italy -

Patton is on the border having entered Belgium and Holland - That was quite a rebuke the Dutch Prime Minister handed Hull on this idealistic theory he has for