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Wednesday, June 21 173rd day - 193 days follow First Day of Summer at 9:03 A.M. Eastern War Time

the Dutch in the Pacific - Nice going I say -

Sept 6 - 7 - Everybody is urinated off to-day due to the fact that after this war is over in this sector, This corp is to leave for the Pacific by the way of the Suiz [Suez] Canal - New re-organization is to take place and then take off -

Must be a great thrill to sweat out for 18 months the infantry and then wind up slugging it out in the jungles of Burma. While those bastards back in the states still sitting on the balls of their asses watching results.

The Americans are amassing at the German border - Russia has joined forces with Tito - I still have my sense of humor, yet -

Sept 8 - Went to Florence to-day on a 12 hour pass - It is a very delightful city and escaped much of the devastation of war - The Ponte Vecchio that unique bridge over he River Arno is destroyed by German mines at both approaches -

I heard early morning mass at the cathedral of St Marie de Flora, it is beyond doubt a very beautiful edifice of Florentine Art - It is quite different both in style and color - something most unusual in com -