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Thursday, June 22 174th day - 192 days follow

parsion [comparison] to Roman art - I browsed through many bookshops and spent a most enjoyable afternoon - also I picked up some film and immediately took some great pictures at least in my opinion -

Saw a very touching sight - the people near the Ponte Vecchio bridge were digging out their homes and searching for their belongs - The people keep looking at us, trying to smile but I guess it really hurts - Thank God! the people back home are not subjected to such German cruelty -

Visited also the Palazzo Vecchio and was greatly impressed by its art and sculpture - I must get back there again -

Sept. 9 - Voted for Dewey - Certainly hope he will come through - His first political speech I don't think Roosevelt can answer. Then again will all those Jewish writers in back of him, he can cloud the issue -

Security regulation bans all news from the French theatre - Heard two broadcasts B. B. C. and the U. S. summaries of the news - the British is wonderful compared to ours, which sounds like Clem McCarthy broadcasting a horse race - No wonder the people are so misinformed -

The bombers were out over our sector in force.