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Friday, June 23 175th day -- 191 days follow

looks like we are to get moving - From here I know we are going to C. B. I. theater, not a very pleasant outlook for out future -.

Sept 10 - 14 - Went to Florence every day and took some pictures - The set up is very good now, the army is getting smart now and it will be good provided the officers don't get envious and take everything as they did in Rome -

Sept 14 - Hodges 1st Army captured a small town in German - On this front II Corps is now in action, with the 85th (88th div reserve) 91st on the lines - It is our sector is get through to Bologna and cut over to Venice Dig in and then the 2nd Lts will have their day with barracks and police protection of Italy --

Sept 15 - Progress in Italy the 350 Bn of the 5th Div took a beating against those implacement at the last pass before the Po rally - A little more artillery was moved up today so tonight those bastards are going to sweat under that fire -

Keyes didn't get his third star although Truscott of VI Corp and 10 others in these desk