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Saturday, June 24 176 day - 190 follow St John the Baptist Midsummer Day jobs back in the base section. I guess Keyes, Buttler and Raines don't belong to the Masons and that is that - I bet Keyes is so pissed off right now that he isn't even sane. This Clarke is no general so he has handed our boys, the catholic element the fast brush off. Personally is a damned shame because those boys are actually responsible for the sucesses of all the campaigns in Italy.

The news from Germany is blacked out - Over in the Laisson I noted a terrific amount of resistance is being put up - The American 9th Army is now on the active front - Going to Florence tomorrow -

Sept 16 - Instead I went to Pisa - although the ride was rough I definitely enjoyed myself. The town is in completely in ruins - but the tower and cathedral are untouched -

September II Corp broke the entrances to the Gothic line. The 339th Bn of the 85th taking it on the chin - about 1500 casualties for the hill. The Tedeshi got the ass shot off them - The tanks moved up so the break through looks