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Sunday, June 25 177th day - 189 days follow Fourth Sunday after Pentecost good. The forward eshlon [echelon] took off this morning

Sept 18 France is about completely rid of the Germans The Pacific has opened up and the Philippines look like occupation before long -

Sept 19-20 The Siegfried line is di[?]ted as far as Asken [Aachen?] with the old [quit?] boy Hodges doing the ramming - Patton hasn't been heard off I guess he is getting set for a big push to wind up this damned war.

A paratrooper landing in Holland looks like the coup de grace for [keep?] - No reports on the progress -

Sept 21 Here in Italy we have a 6 mile breach in the Futa Pass and the tanks moved on yesterday -

The paratroopers in Holland have linked up and supplies moved through

Germany definitely has her ass in the sling, against the wall. She should be ready for the towel anytime now -

Saw a good picture Flesh and Fantasy - Good!