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Monday, June 26 178th day - 188 days follow

Sept. 22 | 25. } The British almost messed up the master stroke in Holland. The supply line was cut but rapidly restored by a tank attack - Eisenhower states militarily the Germans are fini but didn't come up with an opinion concerning the end of the war.

The front here in Italy is good we are going down hill and nearing Bologna - The Limeys are knocking hell out of Tedeschi at Rimini - This is going to very interesting to figure out the next move after the British reach the plain - Personally I think at Milan we dig in, I hope in a city and relax until the war is over -

Two new A. R. C workers came in and both typify their last successors - Horrible to look at, and no doubt keep up the officer's morale - One girl a hell of a nice kid, got a dose of gonerheria [gonorrhea] and was sent back to Florence -

The public reaction in the States points to Dewey and I hope for the outside chance -

Tonight is a double feature and it looks very good --