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Friday, June 30 182nd day - 184 days follow

Oct 16 - 20th .

I took three days off and went to Florence. Took a hotel room, with bath and a soft bed.

While there I saw Catherine Cornell and Brian Aherne in "the Barretts of Wimpole Street". I saw her in the same play back in college and it was definitely a powerful drama - She (K.C) was wonderful and I believe in putting the play on, she took a chance with her reputation. She however did it and very brillantly - Brian Aherne and Betty Forbes, also the cast did the show par excellence -

Also I took in a few Italian revues, and it wasn't too bad -

The war news is fair, we here are still loosing a lot of men - The break looks as if we are throwing so much stuff something has to give -

We moved out all our 240s yesterday, who are going to France. The fast attack (counter German) out of range of the 155s raised so much hell that we had to move out three hospitals - Clarke has screw up this deal and our boy Keyes is still and has to take orders from him --

I believe the pressure is definitely for an all out push at Aachen Germany because the heavy support is being taking from this front