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Friday, July 7 189th day - 177 days follow

Nov 30 - Tedeschi was over in force last night but the reception committee of 90, 50" 75" got on his ass so he did come in for the bomb run - Instead he took off and drop the load on the 5th Army Hq forward 4 casualities but no deaths -

No news whether we get a new general to date

Churchill is mouthing off again - about the end of the summer the German will be defeated -

Took a hike up the mountain and watched the Artillery fire on Bologna - On the way up we came acrossed a dead body of a Tedeschi paratrooper - A very hideous looking mass of what was once a man - He was hit by schrapnel [shrapnel] as he was ready to toss a hand granade [grenade]. - Before long we might the burying detail because there are three unburied bodes in the area -

Dec 1 - The old Morale is low, between those hikes on the Star and Stripes and the radio everybody is sad --

The Colonel came out with choice remark that if and he hoped the war would last long enough so he could get his house paid for -

Personally the money I've saved to me is blood money.