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Saturday, July 8 190th day - 176 days follow

but I guess that bastard hasnt any conscience building something he could never accomplish in civilian life on the blood of our American youth -

Dec - 3- Yesterday a radar system has been installed - Quite a bit of heavy ack ack has also come up to support the road in case of air attack. One came in last night and the reception, he was hit and flew off like a wounded bird toward his own lines - It sounded as if a "90" polished him off after he flew over the mountain -

News of a huge Russian break through was flashed over the radio - How true I don't know -

Saw Mrs Parkington, a grand story and a good enjoyable picture for a change -

Dec 4 - Took some pictures today - Also Agnes Burke sent me a wonderful book "Pyle's Newest"and it is written about the campaign - Read about half of it and I know personally about half of the boys he mentioned -

Can't understand that girl, Why! It is going to be a long time before I get home - At least another 18 months and I'll be an old man - Sent her a more than friendly letter so she has the ball, so I shall see how she smart she plays the cards ---