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Tuesday, July 11 193rd day - 173 days follow

and its opportunist rush in grab the power before the allied Gov't can set up - Democracy to a damned bunch of ignorant peasants, forced downed their throats makes this war a huge fiasco, one horrible mistake -

Our foreign policy announced to-day and it is frankly quite a laugh - Nothing to it that England can't better her position and using us to accomplish it -

Dec 13 That Greek situation really looks sad - I admit I'm confused but I shall ease over to the F2 section and be brought up to date.

Looks like Russia is in back of the peasant uprising. That drive of Russia into Germany has slowed down to a walk. It stopped for some mysterious reason. Naturally England and Russia are jacking for power in the Balkins {Balkans], and U.S. is paying with lives and money.

News good from France -

Dec 14 - The Limey XIII Corp was shelling on the lateral road to our area - Beaucoup American air power so evidently they forgot about skiing & tea for awhile to help our ass which is stuck out here on the right flank -

The clouds were low so the sound was terrific