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Friday, July 14 196th day - 170 days follow

are part of the past for somebody's stupidity --

Stars & Stripes has an article claiming the Germans are killing our wounded and prisoners. It's war and that is part that is hard to swallow - We've done it Naturally it will be played up. It is horrible that it happened but it should wake those liberating shouting kikes in America, good guys are getting killed to achieve victory -

I think the Germans are shooting their last bolt, Our re-organization I hope is fast, on the uptake and the American 9th can pinch them off before they can dig in -

Viewing it optimistically this is it. Their air force is supposedly dead yet the attack of 1000 planes accompanied this offensive, the ground force are fighting like hell, and proving Hitler is not running the army. What will come of this I don't know, but it might be the answer with a surrender for another 25 years at least -

Dec 19 - Report from our G2 - the break-through was stopped after 20 miles - No confirmation as yet, a clamp on the area (combat) was ordered -

Dec 20 - Took off for four days in Florence, It was cold but I definitely has a good time -