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Saturday, July 15 197th day - 169 days follow St. Swithen

Dec 24th - Christmas Eve -

The drive in France has been stopped or rather checked by the Air Force. The re-orginization [reorganization] is going to take time and supplies have been destroyed. It is definitely a set back and a one hell of a mistake. How the Tedeschi ever got that foothold, power and equiptment amassed for that push, is beyond me - Rough on the guys who had to take it, defense a rifle - against tank - That 1st Div must have been completely wiped out -

Went to Mid-night mass, received communion and feel very good all over. All the boys got drunk even the colonel who picked me to cry about his homesickness. After all he contributed 4 bottles of White Roses, and cognac so we tolerated him - I had an edge on but Christmas means more to me than a drunk. That I can do any time -

Christmas Day - Dec 25 - 1 foot of snow and the place is beautiful The meal was wonderful and after dinner Jake and I took off for a mountain climb.

Visited Jake Stone & Ed Mazur and physically they are fine but, they are hurting -

At this moment had an air-raid and the stuff really went up at them. A few pieces of flak came through the area, scareing the hell out of all. A moonlight night