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Sunday, July 16 198th day - 168 days follow Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

shows up any target - It got too hot for the planes here so he took off for the 5th Army Hq. It lasted about 15 minutes which seemed like 15 hours when you are sweating - Undoubtedly the German will be back several times to-night unless we get the beaufighters up from Florence -

The gushing civilians are broadcasting everything in the book over the radio - Hoping this the last Christmas for us in the war, and it isnt must recompense for the sacrifice a few boys have made. I hope and pray this is the victory year, over here.

The drive has been stopped and we are no doubt ready to pull a counter-offensive to gain back the ground lost. It is a sad Christmas, all round, not that the home folks are not trying but we are all sick of war, fear, cold, and homesick.

Dec 26 - German counter offensive on the 4 corps front - It is held by those great soldiers, the niggers and the Brazilians The 4th Corp M.P.s were called out to keep the gigs on the front lines - The result the 85 (C.1B) div had to be shifted over to close up the drive.

Not a damned defense was set up. The Engr (39th) had to get over and establish a line 6 miles to the rear and to it the 85th Div dug in. It was stopped or quiet for the past few days