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Monday, July 17 199th day - 167 days follow

Dec 29 - George Patton, our greatest general took over and pinched in the German salient - He did it again and at the point of his drive is successful the gains of the Germans will be sad. That First Army definitely fucked up, the G2 section are not on the ball so 20,000 GI's are part of the past --

Here a plane flew over last night and the ack ack guns got on his ass, and that ended the attack I naturally hauled my ass for cover and hit a hole with two other occupants, - one the colonel, therefore I hit the line like my old college days -

Directed a play which had the General staff and the General in the audience. A few nurses were in the audience so I had to tone down the lines - The play "The Perils of Fanny". strictly from starvation but the old man was laughing so hard, he started waving his hands - My boy Jake and I took the bows as producers -

- 1945 - Jan 1 - 1945 - The ground gained by the Tedeschi in the 4th Corp sector has been taken back. The Negros were relieved by the 85th Div, who slowed up the counter attack That front has been silent for two days.

The news from France is fine. Patton again scores